About First of March

First of March is an online marketplace dedicated to showcasing worldclass, luxury craftsmanship from Wales

Every piece on the site is designed and crafted by independent makers based in Wales, and is a celebration of??timeless quality, material and workmanship.

 A sense of place - Cynefin

A sense of place – Cynefin

An exclusive retail platform for Wales based makers of signature, luxury pieces

Exquisitely crafted items sourced from every region and tradition

Authentic pieces for the individual, the home or workplace

Every piece a statement of individuality and creativity

 A sense of longing - Hiraeth

A sense of longing – Hiraeth

Reimagine your perception of luxury craftsmanship from Wales

Find cool, contemporary, sophisticated pieces that blend tradition with innovation

Discover the new and exciting cultural story of Wales

Satisfy the desire for something from the heart of Wales

Each piece imbued with narrative and memory

The pride and the passion - Hywel

The pride and the passion – Hwyl

Discover makers working with passion and pride in their craft and Wales

Work with makers invested in the sustainability of their craft and community

Find makers selected for their creativity, skill and expertise

Indulge a passion for individually crafted, timeless and enduring pieces


Enjoy luxury – made simple. Browse First of March now