Camilla Thomas has always thrived in creative, specifically textile, based environments. Her passion for the craft world stems from her childhood and teens, at which time she began stitching and freehand knitting. She returned to university later in life, graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2015, and it was there that she was introduced to weaving, which has since become an integral element of her craft.

‘The realisation that I was actually making a fabric from the starting point of yarn and a loom was intoxicating. The process is intricate and requires an experimental approach: the mathematical process of weave design is challenging enough to know that I could never exhaust the possibilities. I use a hand operated loom which serves as a constant reminder, and connection, to the historic routes of this craft.’ – Camilla Thomas

The debut woven collection of Camilla Thomas, ‘Tidal Sands’, showcases an array of stunning designs evocative of the light, movement and structures found only by the coast. In particular, the beautiful island of Anglesey in North Wales, from where she draws inspiration. The collection aims to capture the essence of what it feels like to be there in the fibres of each woven textile piece.

‘I believe that, by simply living with textiles in our homes, we invest something of ourselves into the very fibres of the fabric. Blankets and throws, wrapped around in times of tranquillity and reflection, give us comfort and a sense of well-being, therefore becoming more important to us and less disposable.’ – Camilla Thomas

We look forward to sharing Camilla Thomas’ latest collections on First of March!