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I use a hand operated table-top loom for weaving designs in my Cheshire studio. It?s a very slow process, beginning with drawing and painting, working out patterns mathematically and calculating warps. It can take months to produce a sample, which will finally become the design for a throw. My designs are manufactured at a family run woollen mill in Lancashire and they are washed using the mill?s own stream water. The mill is renowned for its finishing techniques and this allows the merino lambs wool fibres to become soft and bouncy, giving the finished pieces a luxurious handle. My hope is that when you wrap one of these warm, soft throws around you on a chilly evening, you may be reminded of being by the sea and of feeling liberated by the power of nature.


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Camilla Thomas

I studied weaving as a mature student at Manchester Metropolitan University, and have been visiting the island of Anglesey in North Wales since I was a child. The fact that it remains unchanged in so many ways, and that it is so accessible to me from my home in Cheshire, means I visit very often these days. I am drawn to the pureness of the place, unspoilt and empty, where I can often be the only person on a vast stretch of beach surrounded by big skies and forests. It is both calming and exhilarating to be there in all weathers, marvelling at the forces of nature and wondering at the natural beauty of it all.

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