Catrin Jones

Catrin is an award-winning Welsh artist, specialising in contemporary, decorated, two-dimensional glass.
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The collection reflects Catrin’s interest in the interaction of glass with light and seeks to influence our perceptions of light through the filtration of colour.

She uses glass not only to generate transmitted colour, texture, levels of opacity and exploit creatively the shadows thereby cast, but also to tell a story. So whilst aesthetically beautiful, her work possesses meaning, which may not be immediately obvious, but might be discovered over time. She achieves this on many levels by weaving meaning throughout the designs on a broad thematic scale as well as in the smaller, more personal details. Her work is carefully researched and is mostly site-specific and appropriate to its location.


Catrin Jones

Catrin Jones is based in Gower, near Swansea. She studied Architectural Stained Glass at Swansea School of Art under Tim Lewis and Glenys Cour. Since embarking on a solo career in 1988, she has worked consistently as a professional artist in Wales and beyond, and has generated a large portfolio of commissions in both the private and public sectors, in sacred and secular environments.

As a student Catrin?won first prize at the National Eisteddfod on two occasions and has subsequently won awards for her work in healthcare environments. In 2011 she completed her MA in contemporary glass at the school in Swansea.

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