The collection

The emergence of each piece created in Charles and Patricia’s studios in Abergavenny can be attributed to the Lesters having loved living and working in this part of the world for more than 50 years. Wales has been a constant source of inspiration. They are constantly enthralled by the magical light and colours of the land, seas and skies. Inspired by their love of the region and what they see, each experience has given rise to new techniques and innovative approaches to enable them to emulate the ever changing scenery around them. Each piece embodies their passion for sumptuous textures and patterns, a constant striving for excellence in design and craftsmanship and the delicious play of light and colour that dances throughout the land.

Charles and Patricia Lester

Over the last 50 or so years, Charles and Patricia have carved their own path, mapping out their own unique journey of creativity, invention and innovation. Untrained and self-taught, their original fashion and textiles have been the primary vehicle through which they have consistently pursued excellence in both their artistry and their business acumen. Over those years, they have dressed some of the most extraordinary women in the world.

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