The collection

The collection explores the versatility and the unique qualities of clay and represents my life growing up in a small village between a quarry and the sea in North Wales. It is built upon the memories and history that have been left visible in the landscape and mountainside around me. Echoing the lines in the mountainside and the quarry, the work is decorated with gestural marks to reflect the waves and my closeness to the sea. Rugged edges contrasting with smooth and very refined areas creates the desired look overall.


Emily Hughes

I trained at Wrexham school of Art and Design in Applied Arts – ?specialising in Ceramics. I am passionate about clay and it never fails to excite and impress me in what it can do. I slab build most of my work after working on the surface design. I treat the clay like a canvas – scratching and marking the surface with various tools to create lines and form that will stand the test of time – just like the lines of the mountainside and quarries in North Wales. I then take a porcelain slip filled brush to make gestural marks – allowing me to express my emotions onto the vessel itself.

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