Lowri Davies is an award-winning artist with a deep passion and talent for bone china and porcelain works. From her studio, Fireworks Clay Studios (FWCS), she consistently produces stunning collections featuring china teacups, jugs, vases and plates. Characterised by slanted openings and decorated with ink and watercolour drawings, her attention to detail is exceptional. 

The works of Lowri Davies are inspired by china displays on Welsh dressers, collections of souvenirs and vibrant illustrations of birds drawn from Victorian taxidermy collections. These objects and images often refer to a sense of place by reviving iconography and symbolism, which have a deep connection to her roots.

She nurtured her talent for ceramics at Cardiff School of Art, followed by a Ceramic Design MA at Staffordshire University. Her career highlights include both solo and group exhibitions at Ruthin Craft Centre, as well as showcases at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, exhibiting at Collect in London and Sofa Chicago. Her work also features in collections at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff and the Ceramics Collection at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

Utilising bone china to slip-cast and porcelain to handbuild, Lowri Davies fires each piece 5 times. Starting with bisque, glaze is then applied twice (clear and coloured glazes), before being decorated by decal application (screen-printed and printed from watercolour and ink drawings). Each piece is finished with platinum or gold lustre. 

With Lowri Davies, the result is of the highest quality and we are so proud to showcase her incredible designs at First of March.