Catrin Jones

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Catrin Jones

Specialist Glass Designs

Hailing from Cardigan in Wales, Catrin Jones is a specialist glass designer. Sought after globally, her works have been exhibited in locations across Europe, Japan and North America.

She discovered her natural aptitude for drawing during her childhood years at school, which became the catalyst for her career today. After enrolling at the Swansea School of Art in 1979, she was drawn to glass as an artistic medium, which led her to specialising in architectural stained glass.

It was not long before the successes started rolling in for Catrin Jones. She received first prize for glass at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, a feat she was to repeat in 1982. She was also awarded first prize in the national Hetley Hartley-Wood glass competition for a panel that was subsequently exhibited at the stained glass museum at Ely Cathedral, and purchased by the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Upon graduating with distinction in 1982, Catrin Jones co-founded Glasslight Studios, a co-operative stained glass studio in Swansea, where patronage from the Catholic Church spawned a variety of ecclesiastical commissions. She subsequently left to pursue a solo career, and since then, she has worked uninterruptedly on numerous commissions in a wide variety of business sectors, mainly in the public domain.

Unlike many glass designers, Catrin Jones is essentially an artist who uses glass as her preferred medium. Glass differs significantly from canvas in that it imparts transmitted (as opposed to reflected) light, which has an extraordinary capacity to affect the human spirit. Drawing and painting remain applicable, and can be combined with techniques of sandblasting and acid-etching for dramatic effect.