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A sense of connection with the past, a longing and yearning for home - real or imagined - a deep, inexpressible soulful connection with Wales - that is Hiraeth.

A faith in the stories told through generations, connecting past, present and future - that is Hiraeth.


Stories captured in the language of craft - an honouring of, and homage to, the heritage of craft,  something precious and tangible, yes, but a living lexicon of knowledge - that is Hiraeth.


Knowledge and skill acquired, informed and refined over generations - the embodiment of centuries of evolving practice and understanding - an extension of, and connection to self - that is Hiraeth.


Tradition with purpose, connection and meaning - craftsmanship with a story to tell not unfettered adherence to style and technique


Objects holding memories of time, people and places.


This is Hiraeth, a pillar of our brand.


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