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Gwydraid: Gwydr, Glass - a digital celebration of Glass in Wales - part of UN International Year Of Glass

Gwydraid: Gwydr, Glass - a digital festival celebrating the artistic, economic, technical and scientific story of glass in Wales, past, present and future.

As we open our new exhibition space, created to celebrate UN International Year of Glass, we showcase some of the amazing Glass Makers living and working in Wales - designing, innovating and creating exquisite work that in itself is a celebration.


Curated by First Of March the exhibition features glass artists who quite literally create magic - playing with light, refraction and reflection in both architectural pieces, curiosities and vessels.


We open with five artists - Amber Hiscott, Catrin Jones, Chris Bird-Jones, Ruth Shelley and Verity Pulford.

The focus is on celebrating them and their work - both past and current  - allowing the Maker to speak in their own voice. Each has been recognised nationally and internationally for their contribution to glass art, exhibiting in prestigious galleries, museums and exhibitions.


Other artists will follow together with blogs and social media posts - each designed to create a unique story of Glass in Wales.


But over the course of the next month we will be looking beyond the artistic world to explore the technical innovations and economic contribution of glass to Wales.


So consider this: this exhibition is created in a digital location - an online gallery accessible across the world and seen through the medium of glass!  The internet on which it depends is reliant upon glass fibres. Without glass and this digital capacity we could not curate the work and reach a global audience to make our own economic contribution.  


It will be a festival where art, science, tradition and innovation come together to tell the story of Glass in Wales.


The exhibition continues here: