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Commission A Bespoke Piece From The Maker Of Your Choice

Purchasing any piece of quality craft is always a special experience. However, sometimes you might have a specific vision of your own in mind that you just can’t seem to find. And that’s where you might consider commissioning your own bespoke piece from First Of March.

There is something very special about the experience of working with a Master Craftsman to create a unique piece or collection. Whether you’re seeking a bespoke piece for your home, an accessory for a special occasion or a centrepiece for your office, it’s an opportunity to create something that’s truly unique, where a commission becomes a creative conversation - a journey of discovery, exploration and delight.

At First Of March our Master Makers relish the challenge and creative possibilities a commission offers. They take great care and pride in their craft, and invite you to collaborate and engage in the creative experience when embarking on your personalised project.

And the process is much simpler than you may think!

Complete the short form below for your chosen Maker to get in touch to discuss your ideas in depth, and understand what you’d like to create and suggest a direction for your handmade commission.

Only when both you and the Maker feel completely comfortable and happy with the concept will the project begin.

Simply enter your details below along with any ideas you may have, and together, let’s explore the possibilities!

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