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Verity Pulford

Glass & Sculpture

I am a glass artist living and working in Debighshire, North Wales. 


I use a variety of processes to create my work-and like to combine techniques- cast, pate de verre, kilnformed, painted, etched and also found natural materials in my work. I create vessels, sculpture, installation, architectural and public art. I play with ideas of magical realism- creating my own forms inspired by or combining different plants and organisms.


I live and work rurally and my immediate environment provides my inspiration. Natural structures such as algae, lichen, mosses, grasses, ferns, and fungi. I am interested in the complexity of life- how within each organism are other organisms, each living its own unique existence, layer upon layer of complexity yet a universal oneness, the feeling that we are all the same thing- a system, in communion, a beautiful symphony. It is this blissful, expansive and calm space that I access through nature which is what I am trying to communicate and share in the medium of glass.

Other inspirations are- light, the magical atmosphere it can create in the landscape but also the way it interacts with glass- shadows, reflections, the qualities of matt and shiny surfaces. I am also interested and influenced by the cataloguing of nature- natural history artifacts, early cyanotypes, x-rays, microscopic images and botanical drawings.


Verity is always interested in working with clients to create bespoke work. If you would like to discover more about the commissioning process or commission something from Verity Pulford, please enquire below and Verity will contact you for a no obligation conversation.


Photo Credits: Stephen Heaton 

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