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Margaret Burke

Glass & Sculpture

Margaret is primarily inspired by Primitive Art. She is drawn to creating designs that are both tactile and contrasting in depths of colour. For the majority of Margaret’s career as a glass artist she has worked on mainly functional forms, creating decorative ranges of tableware such as centrepieces, bowls, plates etc that emphasise the functionality and beautify the form. 


Margaret Burke specialises in the cold working of glassware. She embellishes all different, typically functional, forms of glassware that has been handblown in her studio at E&M Glass. She uses a formulated glue as a resist to draw on to the surface of her glassware and when the glue has set; she uses a combination of a sandblaster to erode away the multiple layers of coloured glass to create distinctive depths to the work. Often, after etching across the surface, she also hand engraves smaller details to really give her ‘Creatures’ character.


If you would like to commission glass from Margaret Burke, please enquire below and she will contact you for a no obligation conversation.

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