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Tess Greenway

Ceramics, Glass & Sculpture

Tess Greenway is a Welsh ceramicist and sculptor. The wild beauty of West Wales, from its landscapes to its seascapes and coastal connections, greatly inspires the approach she takes towards her craft. For Tess Greenway, Wales embodies connection and fragility, and through her work, she prides herself in documenting life’s journeys. Her love for Wales heavily influences her mark-making, surface treatment, texture and colour of every ceramic piece and sculpture she forms.


Through her collections, she emulates the landscape and initiates a curiosity and desire for human connection. She acts as a connector to the land and presents a vulnerable yet strong beauty through her work that inspires connection with her clients, effortlessly embodying the serenity of Wales.


Living in rural West Wales Tess is surrounded by the coast and wild spaces. As an artist-maker she works from a ceramic studio at home creating sculptural forms and functional-ware using throwing, slip casting and hand-building techniques. The landscape, seascape and the coastal meeting points embody convergence, fragility and vitality to her and form an integral part of her practice. Walking, collecting and experiencing space influences mark-making, surface treatment, texture and colour palette. 


"I strive to capture the wild identity and tactility that reflect my experience of place that I associate with West Wales." - Tess Greenway