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Tectonic, Copper Blue


Blown glass, hand cut and polished


Ed Burke has been a master glassblower for over 30 years. He takes enjoyment in the technicallity of blowing glass. His tectonic series is creating glass that has a geometric view and is juxtapose to the natural properties of glass which is usually softer and rounder. 


The piece is One of a kind piece, although we are able to create a piece of a similar influence.

Ed Burke

Glass & Sculpture

Ed and Margaret Burke joined forces and created E&M Glass in the mid 1980s. They have been designing and making unique works of art for the table for over 35 years together. Ed set up a glass studio on the Welsh/Cheshire border with his wife in 1988. He specialises in blowing tableware, but in particular stemware such as cocktail glasses, wine glasses and tumblers.


Ed Burke is a master glassblower. Having discovered glass at the age of eighteen he embarked on a career in the medium. Studying at college he obtained a BA (Hons) degree in glass design and then worked and learned from many established glassmakers. In 1988 he built his own furnace and studio and began producing his unique style of glassware. Specialising in tableware, Eds interests are in the use of strong colour and bold shapes. His designs range from the manufacture of production ranges to the more exclusive one-off limited editions. His current work is creating clean lines and geometric bold forms.

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