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White Bo Leaf


Acid-etched and gilded flashed antique glass on natural foraged bone oak plinth.


One of a series of sculptural works pairing antique flashed glass with weathered oak stumps retrieved from a Welsh hillside.  The fern, the birch and the bo all have strong spiritual meanings, and these pieces celebrate life and its vibrancy and the cyclicality of nature.  The glass is mouth-blown in France and Germany and has been acid-etched many times, in order to create the patterns and textures.  The glass has also been gilded, using silver and copper leaf applied by hand.  The oak is as found on the hillside but cleaned back.

Catrin Jones

Glass & Sculpture

Catrin Jones is an award-winning Welsh artist, specialising in contemporary, decorated, two-dimensional glass.


She works predominantly with decorated glass in architecture (contemporary stained glass), but has also worked professionally in a variety of other media.  After training, she co-established a co-operative stained glass studio in Swansea, where she worked for five years. Since embarking on a solo career in 1988, she has worked consistently as a professional artist in Wales and beyond, and has generated a large portfolio of commissions in both the private and public sectors, in sacred and secular environments.


The art of stained glass is the art of manipulation of light in space, and she has practiced this artform for over 30 years’ as a professional artist, working from her studio in Swansea. Catrin uses glass to generate transmitted colour, texture, levels of opacity and to exploit creatively the shadows thereby cast.


Where possible, she prefers her work to tell a story.  Whilst her work is aesthetically beautiful, it also possesses meaning, which may not be immediately obvious, but might be discovered over time (or with instruction).  Narratives are important, since they firmly establish a work in space and time, and can generate comment and discussion.  Catrin tries to achieve this on many levels, by weaving meaning throughout the designs both on a broad thematic scale and in the smaller more personal details.  Most of her work is carefully researched, is site-specific and appropriate to its location. 


If you would like to discover more about commissioning work from Catrin Jones, please enquire below and Catrin will contact you for a no obligation conversation.


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