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Slabbed Expressive Plate (Red Glaze)


Slabbed White Ceramic Platter with red oxide and glaze decoration.

Emily Hughes


Emily Hughes is an impressive Welsh talent, specialising in ceramics. Her designs clearly illustrate her appreciation of nature, reminiscent of her childhood memories living in a village between a quarry and the sea. 


Through her mark making and form, she alludes to the textures and lines found on the mountain side, and the contrast of her surrounding landscapes at home.


Emily Hughes has always been fascinated with the contrast between nature and man made materials, which has become a focal point throughout her career. This is particularly visible in her current body of work, which consists of hand built slab vessels and porcelain functional pieces.


An experienced ceramicist, she graduated from the North Wales School of Art & Design with a BA (Hons) Degree. Since then, the work of Emily Hughes has gone on to garner national attention, with features at exhibitions including the Oriel Brondanw Open 2020 Exhibition and Ceramic Wales 2019. In 2020, she featured in the Andante for Hands and Water at the Birch Tree Gallery in Edinburgh.


If you would like to commission something from Emily Hughes, please enquire below and she will contact you for a no obligation conversation.

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