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Carved Disc - Ammonite

Wendy Lawrence

A detailed study in clay, inspired by the heavy millstones crafted from ancient stone and etched by the milling of grain.


Made by using a range of hand building techniques, the clay is carved to create copper ribbons of clay from one focal point. Multiple layers of glaze are then added to amplify its authentic stone character. 


The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Carved Standing Form

Wendy Lawrence

The many surface treatments within this dramatic sculpture capture the varied textures and colours found within the geological rock formations that fascinate and inform Wendy’s work. 

It’s ‘broken’ edge draws attention to the fragility of our natural world and calls us to consider the tension between decay and regeneration - and the inherent beauty which emerges from erosion.

Little Beggar

Martin Duffy

An unusual piece and a departure from Martin’s usual work, this quirky sculpture reflects his sense of fun while losing none of the detail and craftsmanship typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture.


Wendy Lawrence

Reminiscent of stone circles and historic obelisks, this piece reflects Wendy’s fascination with stone and its place in the landscape. The unusual colouring echoes the soft tones which emerge within stone as it reacts to the weathering of  time, the curving mark through the clay an additional focal point to draw the observer into the piece.

Pouncing Fox Cub

Martin Duffy

In this naturalistic piece, Martin captures the stillness, poise and focus of the fox cub, showcasing his ability to create an energy and story behind the sculpture - that of the hunter and the hunted. 


Every detail is considered and beautifully observed - a hallmark of Martin’s work and his meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the sculpting process. 

Running Hare

Martin Duffy

This dramatic sculpture showcases Martin’s ability to create  a sense of movement and story - where has the hare come from, from whom is it running: what is it chasing, while capturing the strength and power of the hare in full flight at any given moment. 

Herringbone Monolith

Wendy Lawrence

A ceramic sculpture epitomising the simplicity of form and textural elements typical of Wendy Lawrence’s work.                  

The herringbone pattern is carved with hand tools to echo the striations found in rock and ancient stone edifices,  becoming part of the form as well as the surface of the piece. 

Inspired by ancient stone circles this piece generates a sense of solidity and continuity, connecting us with our heritage and spiritual landscape.

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.