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Large Boxing Hares

Martin Duffy

This dramatic limited edition piece captures the  movement and balance typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture. 

The larger scale allows Martin to amplify the detail of his smaller pieces to recreate the tension, urgency and drama that lies behind this annual rite of passage.

Luxury Velvet Bed Cover/Throw in Patched Emeralds

Charles & Patricia Lester

These throws are hand crafted by Patricia Lester using hand painted silk and viscose velvets created by Charles and Patricia. Each piece is picked especially for its uniqueness and individuality. Some of the fabrics have been silk screen printed as well using some of the many techniques developed by the Lester's making their artwork particularly unique and rare.


Never to be repeated, commissions are accepted to create exceptional pieces using colours to suit your colour schemes and design themes.

10:20 Faceted Vessel

Mary Ann Simmons

With this piece I took the two dimensional flat sheet and, using clean lines, facets, precision and containment as my inspiration, turned it into a three dimensional vessel.


Available for sale or commission.


Photo credit: Juliet SheathBritannia Silver


Angela Farquharson

The graceful lines and elegance of expression in this  beautiful study is typical of Angela’s work as she explores the inherent beauty and sensuality of the female form. Drawing on classical figurative sculpture, Angela incorporates a more modern style to create an emotive piece that invites the observer to pause and look beyond the surface. 

Duo Dodecade

Mary Ann Simmons

Duo Dodecade is created from two constructs made up of twelve sides joined to form a whole. At its intersection a deep geometric 'crevasse' is created.


Available for sale or commission.


Photo Credit: Juliet Sheath

Ease In/Out Cubic

Mary Ann Simmons

A pair of vessels using a 'cubic' curve each the mirror of itself but contrasting in colour: one, an oxidised surface showing a rich, velvet black. The other a soft white exterior.


Available for sale or commission as a pair or individually: the price shown is for an individual piece.


Photo Credit: Richard Valencia

The Collector #6

Annette Marie Townsend

This intricate, life-size sculpture created by Annette Marie Townsend is of a wild strawberry plant with a single flower and tiny fruit, standing upright on its roots. It combines beeswax and paraffin wax with tinned copper wire, silk fabric, tissue paper, dressmaking beads, cotton thread, artists' pigments, acrylic paint and acrylic varnish for added detail and authenticity.


It is 14 cm high, 12 cm wide and 17 cm in depth and mounted on a white wooden base with traditional glass dome. 


Part of the ‘Collector’ Series of numbered works, influenced by museum collections, it is typical of Annette Marie Townsend's intricate and exquisite craftsmanship and her expertise in the tradition of Victorian wax sculpture.


Please note that the piece should be displayed out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat.


Photo credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd

Dormant Beauty

Angela Farquharson

One of a series of three bronze works, this beautiful sculpture showcases the smooth, flowing lines and detail that Angela employs to depict the sensuality of the female form.

A figurative sculpture in the classic tradition, the piece captures the essence of the modern idiom with its power to draw the observer in.