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Wren on Fork

Martin Duffy

This small but exquisite study of a wren is typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture, showcasing his ability to create pieces that invite the observer to engage physically as well as visually with his work.

Cofio: Cufflinks

Mari Thomas

These beautiful cufflinks from the ‘Cofio’ collection  - inspired and containing the famous Welsh poem “Cofio” meaning ‘Remember’ by Waldo Williams - are suitable any occasion- business or pleasure.

Cofio: Long Earrings

Mari Thomas

These beautiful earrings from the ‘Cofio’ collection  - inspired and containing the famous Welsh poem “Cofio” meaning ‘Remember’ by Waldo Williams - are handcrafted in Mari's Carmarthenshire studio.


Angela Farquharson

One of a series of small scale sculptures depicting the female form, this piece is characteristic of Angela Farquharson’s work and her interest in classical figurative sculpture. The textile ‘detail’ is inspired by the shapes made as fabric drapes and folds across the body, creating new interest and sense of sensuality, enhanced by the natural unglazed porcelain finish.

Rapture - Porcelain

Angela Farquharson

One of a series of small figurative pieces, this arching  form is typical of an Angela Farquharson sculpture where  she seeks to preserve the ‘norms’ of classical sculptural forms while making her work more emotive and ‘modern’. She uses a natural unglazed finish to enhance the sensuality of the piece and draw out the inherent beauty within the female form.


Angela Farquharson

A unique piece inspired by the statues of the ancient Roman gods. 

Cast in iron resin, the piece is heavily textured to create the sense of age, while the detail is typical of Angela’s fascination with the beauty of the female form, its seductive quality captured in the hands sculpted around the hips. 

Evening Stole - Ocean Blue Ripple

Charles & Patricia Lester

This beautiful limited edition evening stole in Deep Lapis Blue, is designed by Patricia Lester.


From a collection of digitally printed silk scarves inspired by the original designs, art and photographs of Charles and Patricia Lester, this luxurious evening stole, designed by Patricia Lester, manipulates images of their original hand painted and hand swirled silk.


It is then edged with their gold deco print and finished with a hand rolled hem.


Limited Edition - First Edition of 3

Aphrodite - Porcelain

Angela Farquharson

Named after the Greek goddess of love, this beautiful sculpture showcases Angela’s interest in classical sculptural forms. One of a series of small scale pieces where  she explores the sensuality of the human form, the natural unglazed porcelain finish is used to amplify the sensuality of the piece.