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Delilah Patchwork Scarf in Pink Lipstick

Charles & Patricia Lester

An original design by Charles and Patricia Lester, this sumptuous mixed devore print patchwork scarf in velvet and silk epitomises their fascination with colour and tone.

Decorative Concepts: Large Silver Pendant

Mari Thomas

This distinctive pendant forms part of the beautiful Decorative Concepts Collection where handwritten design notes and drawings are 'hidden' within the metal folds of each cluster. Reflecting Mari's creative journey from initial concept through to final design, each note and reference captures the exploration and creativity behind the making of this strikingly beautiful collection. 

Waved Form

Wendy Lawrence

The gnarled effect and deceptive simplicity of this free standing piece captures the essence of the ancient forest, the wave form connecting us with something raw and fundamental.                                    

The blistered surface is coloured with copper oxide to exaggerate the carving and gouging, creating a piece that is at once contemporary and ancient.

Isabelle Patchwork Scarf - bronze woodland

Charles & Patricia Lester

This beautiful patchwork scarf is inspired by the seasonal black and bronze hues of an autumn woodland and typical of the nature inspired designs of Charles and Patricia Lester.


In luxurious velvet with a mixed print devore.   

Carved Slab

Wendy Lawrence

As if hewn from the rock face, the colours in this carved slab echo those found in a shimmering rock face wet from a shower of rain. Copper and vanadium and titanium oxides create the unique combination of greens, pinks and browns in this unusual piece. Its natural organic look and feel is achieved through multiple glazing's containing silicon carbide, creating the   elemental, volcanic finish typical of a Wendy Lawrence sculpture.  

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Brushstroke: Statement Silver Pendant

Mari Thomas

The fluid lines and layering within the metal evoke the stroke of an artist's paintbrush as it sweeps across the canvas - the inspiration for this unique collection. 

Handcrafted in her Carmarthenshire studio, this beautiful pendant is from the stunning Crescent Collection, designed by Mari Thomas.