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Cofio: Cufflinks

Mari Thomas

These beautiful cufflinks from the ‘Cofio’ collection  - inspired and containing the famous Welsh poem “Cofio” meaning ‘Remember’ by Waldo Williams - are suitable any occasion- business or pleasure.

Wren on Fork

Martin Duffy

This small but exquisite study of a wren is typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture, showcasing his ability to create pieces that invite the observer to engage physically as well as visually with his work.

Nesting Harvest Mouse

Martin Duffy

This exquisitely observed study of a mouse in its natural habitat, showcases the meticulous attention to detail which characterises Martin’s work. 

One of a series of small animal sculptures, this piece demonstrates Martin’s skill in creating detailed, tactile pieces that invite the observer to touch as well as look.

Sleeping Nesting Mouse

Martin Duffy

One of a series of small animal sculptures which epitomise Martin’s skill in crafting a narrative behind his work, drawing the observer into a story told through detailed research, observation and exquisite sculpting. 


Every detail is considered and purposeful, the craftsmanship key in creating a sense of peace and serenity.


Each piece is sculpted at his studio in Carmarthenshire before being finished/cast at a British foundry. 


Also available as a desk or interior piece.

Peacock in Purple

Margaret Burke

Peacock in Purple is created by blowing a plate of glass in our hot glass studio. Once cooled, Margaret etches, engraves and sandblasts through the different layers of colour to create a relief of her Peacock design.

Hare at Dusk in Purple

Margaret Burke

Margarets Creatures Collection has developed over 20+ years. From travelling around the UK, she has spent a lot of time watching wildlife in moors, mountains, estates and fields in their natural habitats. She has created 'Hare at Dusk' from observing many hares in an evening, bouncing across fields and with its nose in the air.