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Amelia Skachill - Burke

Amelia’s work is about taking tiny close-up details of the natural world, such as Lavander and reinterpreting them using hot glass to produce glass art. This piece is carefully constructed using hotglass murrine which Amelia has pulled in her hot glass studio then cutting them before building them up to create a large tile of murrine. The movement, colours and cellular structure of Lavander is the inspiration of this piece. 


This is a One-of-a-kind piece.


Photo Credit - Simon Bruntnell

Running Hare (Bronze)

Martin Duffy

This dramatic sculpture showcases Martin’s ability to create  a sense of movement and story - where has the hare come from, from whom is it running: what is it chasing, while capturing the strength and power of the hare in full flight at any given moment

Pouncing Fox Cub (Bronze)

Martin Duffy

In this naturalistic piece, Martin captures the stillness, poise and focus of the fox cub, showcasing his ability to create an energy and story behind the sculpture - that of the hunter and the hunted. 


Every detail is considered and beautifully observed - a hallmark of Martin’s work and his meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the sculpting process. 

Waved Form

Wendy Lawrence

The gnarled effect and deceptive simplicity of this free standing piece captures the essence of the ancient forest, the wave form connecting us with something raw and fundamental.                                    

The blistered surface is coloured with copper oxide to exaggerate the carving and gouging, creating a piece that is at once contemporary and ancient.