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Strata Form

Wendy Lawrence

This beautiful abstract sculpture inspired by the texture and form of rockface strata, showcases Wendy’s use of silicon carbide to create a surface texture that is part of the form itself. The carved surface exaggerates the natural erosion of the rock while the addition of oxides to the glaze creates this unusual colouring.


Carved Form

Wendy Lawrence

She applies multiple glazing's to the slabbed and heavily carved clay to amplify the volcanic aesthetic while the addition of copper, titanium and vanadium oxides under and over the glazing's, creates additional colour and focus within the sculpture. 

Carved Standing Form

Wendy Lawrence

The many surface treatments within this dramatic sculpture capture the varied textures and colours found within the geological rock formations that fascinate and inform Wendy’s work. 

It’s ‘broken’ edge draws attention to the fragility of our natural world and calls us to consider the tension between decay and regeneration - and the inherent beauty which emerges from erosion.

Herringbone Monolith

Wendy Lawrence

A ceramic sculpture epitomising the simplicity of form and textural elements typical of Wendy Lawrence’s work.                  

The herringbone pattern is carved with hand tools to echo the striations found in rock and ancient stone edifices,  becoming part of the form as well as the surface of the piece. 

Inspired by ancient stone circles this piece generates a sense of solidity and continuity, connecting us with our heritage and spiritual landscape.

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Waved Slab

Wendy Lawrence

The second in a series of ‘waved’ sculptures, this piece is                                                   evocative of the rock formations and geological phenomenon found on the North Wales coast.

The signature blisters and bubbles are created during firing by the addition of silicon carbide to the glaze, enhancing the natural look and texture of the sculpture. 

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Carved Slab

Wendy Lawrence

As if hewn from the rock face, the colours in this carved slab echo those found in a shimmering rock face wet from a shower of rain. Copper and vanadium and titanium oxides create the unique combination of greens, pinks and browns in this unusual piece. Its natural organic look and feel is achieved through multiple glazing's containing silicon carbide, creating the   elemental, volcanic finish typical of a Wendy Lawrence sculpture.  

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.


Angela Farquharson

A unique piece inspired by the statues of the ancient Roman gods. 

Cast in iron resin, the piece is heavily textured to create the sense of age, while the detail is typical of Angela’s fascination with the beauty of the female form, its seductive quality captured in the hands sculpted around the hips. 


Angela Farquharson

A sculpture capturing the sense of holding something precious and fleeting lest it should be forgotten.