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Triple Crown of Welsh Oak

Howard Lewis

Sculpted from a single, locally sourced Welsh oak burr, and mounted on an oak burr stand, the T is ebonised Welsh oak. 

Wave Form

Wendy Lawrence

Inspired by the geology of the North Wales coastline, the unusual colours within this piece echo the tones of a rockface bleached by the elements over time - the coastal story continued through the coral like structure of the piece. 


The clay is hand built and gouged before being glazed multiple times. Between glazing's titanium oxide is brushed onto the surface to give the soft yellow and greys of this beautiful and unusual piece.


Waved Form

Wendy Lawrence

The intense greens within the surface texture amplify the multiple carvings of this unusual sculpture -one of a series of waved forms within this collection. 

  Inspired by the coastal rock formations near her home in North Wales, the piece bears the hallmarks of a Wendy Lawrence sculpture where the surface treatment becomes part of the form itself. 

The blisters and bubbles within the clay create a barnacled effect while the two tone colouring complements the simplicity of form. 

Waved Form

Wendy Lawrence

The gnarled effect and deceptive simplicity of this free standing piece captures the essence of the ancient forest, the wave form connecting us with something raw and fundamental.                                    

The blistered surface is coloured with copper oxide to exaggerate the carving and gouging, creating a piece that is at once contemporary and ancient.

Waved Slab

Wendy Lawrence

The second in a series of ‘waved’ sculptures, this piece is                                                   evocative of the rock formations and geological phenomenon found on the North Wales coast.

The signature blisters and bubbles are created during firing by the addition of silicon carbide to the glaze, enhancing the natural look and texture of the sculpture. 

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Wavy Beaded Wall Hanging

Howard Lewis

Sculpted to bring out the natural flow and grain of the wood, this unusual wall piece is made from locally sourced wood.

Wavy Rim Ash Bowl

Howard Lewis

Rectangular ash wavy rim bowl, power carved adn sanded with an ebonies base. 

Finished with a thin wax oil.

White Bo Leaf

Catrin Jones

One of a series of sculptural works pairing antique flashed glass with weathered oak stumps retrieved from a Welsh hillside.  The fern, the birch and the bo all have strong spiritual meanings, and these pieces celebrate life and its vibrancy and the cyclicality of nature.  The glass is mouth-blown in France and Germany and has been acid-etched many times, in order to create the patterns and textures.  The glass has also been gilded, using silver and copper leaf applied by hand.  The oak is as found on the hillside but cleaned back.