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Fragile Forms - gold

Mari Thomas

Sculpted to depict a sense of age and decay, but where precious words still speak, this exquisitely crafted 'page' is hand carved to capture the words and poetry, of Welsh writer,  Dr Mererid Hopwood.


The pressed flowers add to the stirring of memory, captured for all time in this exquisitely crafted work.


If you would like to commission something similar from Mari Thomas, please follow the link below.

Metal Lace Fan

Rebecca Oldfield

This beautiful metal fan showcases some of the many processes and techniques that can be deployed by a metalsmith in creating an object of exquisite beauty. 


Here Rebecca used electroforming, photo etching, metal casting and silver plating to create 7 individual 'fan parts' , which she then riveted together. The intricate lacework and fine line detailing captures the elegance of bygone eras with additional decoration echoing the corsets add bustles once worn by women of fashion.


If you would like to commission something of similar grace and elegance, follow the link below.

Leaf Boat

Amber Hiscott

Inspired by the poetry of Dylan Thomas and the childhood games he played in Cymdonkin Park, this beautiful water feature was the first public glass sculpture in Britain and sits in Thomas' home town of Swansea.


Created from 19mm float glass and marine grade forged stainless steel, the leaf boat was designed to glow with submarine lighting, highlighting the thin parallel harp strings of water emitted from the stem, which rushed down its spine, tumbling to join the cascade.


If you are interested in Amber Hiscott's work and would like to commission work from her, please follow link below for a no obligation conversation.


Micro forms

Verity Pulford

Inspired by a fascination with molecular forms within plant and human systems, this piece is taken from a collection of work - Gardens of the Mind. 


If you would like to commission work from Verity, please enquire below. 


Rauni Higson

Silver disc with ’stones’ caught in the crags and crevices of the rock face

Decorative Concepts: Charm Bracelet

Mari Thomas

This elegant bracelet is part of the beautiful Decorative Concepts Collection where handwritten design notes and drawings are 'hidden' within the metal folds of each cluster. Reflecting Mari's creative journey from initial concept through to final design, each note and reference captures the exploration and creativity behind the making of this strikingly beautiful collection. 


Only available in the UK.

Brushstroke: Tie Pin Silver

Mari Thomas

Handcrafted in her Carmarthenshire studio, this beautiful tie pin is from the stunning Crescent Collection, designed by Mari Thomas. The fluid lines and layering within the metal evoke the stroke of an artist's paintbrush as it sweeps across the canvas - the inspiration for this unique collection.