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Aphrodite - Porcelain

Angela Farquharson

Named after the Greek goddess of love, this beautiful sculpture showcases Angela’s interest in classical sculptural forms. One of a series of small scale pieces where  she explores the sensuality of the human form, the natural unglazed porcelain finish is used to amplify the sensuality of the piece.


Martin Duffy

One of a series of life size bronze sculptures, this piece epitomises Martin’s ambition to create work that engages the observer beyond the visual. 


Instantly engaged, the observer is drawn to the narrative     that lies behind the piece - what is she protecting and why is it secret - testament to the power of Martin’s storytelling.   


 Each piece is individually sculpted by Martin in his Carmarthenshire studio and cast in a British foundry. He’s involved in every part of the process which can take several months, but ensures the quality that Martin demands.


Martin Duffy

Martin’s fascination with movement and balance is perfectly captured in this limited edition piece, showcasing his use of fine detail and surface texture to elicit a sense of strength, power and control. 


Cast in bronze, every detail is perfectly judged to enhance and amplify momentum within the sculpture, the quality of the casting creating shadow and light as on a moving body.


Each piece is individually sculpted by Martin in his Carmarthenshire studio before being cast in a British foundry to ensure that the detail and quality of the sculpting is retained through to the finished piece. 

Flower Nymph

Martin Duffy

This beautiful study of a flower nymph combines the exceptional attention to detail characteristic of Martin’s work with his ability to create a story which invites the observer to pause and reflect.

 Despite it’s scale the eye is drawn to the detail which makes the piece both intimate and powerful.   

Art of Movement

Martin Duffy

This signature piece embodies Martin’s passion for creating sculptures that unite a beauty of form with power and drama, crafted from a lifelong study and fascination with the way in which the human body moves. 


Sculpted in his Carmarthenshire studio, every detail is effortlessly observed to create a sculpture that is both  visually stunning and engaging - drawing the observer to  consider the strength and balance of the human form. 


Boxing Hares (Bronze)

Martin Duffy

A beautiful limited edition piece epitomising the movement and balance that Martin seeks to achieve in his sculptures. The attention to detail that hallmarks his work is critical here in establishing the relationship between the two hares - creating the sense of drama and  tension typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture.                                                                


At nearly a metre tall, the hares would be suitable for a large indoor space or an outdoor setting, as illustrated. 


Running Hare (Bronze)

Martin Duffy

This dramatic sculpture showcases Martin’s ability to create  a sense of movement and story - where has the hare come from, from whom is it running: what is it chasing, while capturing the strength and power of the hare in full flight at any given moment

Juicy Spoon - cerise

Chris Bird -Jones

This stunning spoon ‘sculpture' is from the  ‘Juicy Spoon Series’ - a series of colourful blown unique glass characters with cupped bowls and flowing handles. 


From cradle to grave the spoon is an often used tool, the strong relationship between our mouths, tastebuds and spoons is explored through this series of pieces. 


Available in 7 colours, it is shown here in a beautiful cerise. 


Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and is individually priced.  Please follow the link and complete the short enquiry form for pricing and delivery information.

Photo Credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd