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Large Boxing Hares

Martin Duffy

This dramatic limited edition piece captures the  movement and balance typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture. 

The larger scale allows Martin to amplify the detail of his smaller pieces to recreate the tension, urgency and drama that lies behind this annual rite of passage.


Angela Farquharson

The graceful lines and elegance of expression in this  beautiful study is typical of Angela’s work as she explores the inherent beauty and sensuality of the female form. Drawing on classical figurative sculpture, Angela incorporates a more modern style to create an emotive piece that invites the observer to pause and look beyond the surface. 

Dormant Beauty

Angela Farquharson

One of a series of three bronze works, this beautiful sculpture showcases the smooth, flowing lines and detail that Angela employs to depict the sensuality of the female form.

A figurative sculpture in the classic tradition, the piece captures the essence of the modern idiom with its power to draw the observer in.       

Serene Beauty

Angela Farquharson

“Beauty has awoken” 

Combining the values of classical figurative sculpture with the storytelling power of the modern idiom, this beautifully observed piece creates a sense of calm and sanctuary.

The third in a series of bronze works, this piece showcases Angela’s fascination with the inherent sensuality of the female form, every detail inspired by her understanding of the naked form. 

Stirring Beauty

Angela Farquharson

The second in a series of bronze sculptures this piece immediately draws the observer into the world of the  sculpted - pausing to wonder what has caused her to stir, what dream is she waking from.

Sculpted in her Carmarthenshire studio, this tactile and sensuous piece epitomises her use of flowing lines and textures to create a sensuous piece celebrating the inherent beauty of the female form.

Silver Spoons

Chris Bird -Jones

These stunning spoons can be purchased individually or as the collection of seven. 


Each spoon is showcased in a bespoke stackable birch ply crate with interchangeable sliding panels in either tempered glass or birch ply (2x tempered glass & 2x birch ply) 20 x 90 x 30cm .

For pricing and delivery information please follow the link and complete the short enquiry form. 

Photo Credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd

Pouncing Fox Cub (Bronze)

Martin Duffy

In this naturalistic piece, Martin captures the stillness, poise and focus of the fox cub, showcasing his ability to create an energy and story behind the sculpture - that of the hunter and the hunted. 


Every detail is considered and beautifully observed - a hallmark of Martin’s work and his meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the sculpting process. 


Angela Farquharson

A sculpture capturing the sense of holding something precious and fleeting lest it should be forgotten.