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Carved Form

Wendy Lawrence

The sense of ancient rock and natural erosion that permeates this piece is typical of a Wendy Lawrence sculpture. She applies multiple glazing's to the slabbed and heavily carved clay to amplify the volcanic aesthetic while the addition of copper, titanium and vanadium oxides under and over the glazing's, creates additional colour and focus within the sculpture. 

Carved Slab

Wendy Lawrence

As if hewn from the rock face, the colours in this carved slab echo those found in a shimmering rock face wet from a shower of rain. Copper and vanadium and titanium oxides create the unique combination of greens, pinks and browns in this unusual piece. Its natural organic look and feel is achieved through multiple glazing's containing silicon carbide, creating the   elemental, volcanic finish typical of a Wendy Lawrence sculpture.  

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Carved Standing Form

Wendy Lawrence

The many surface treatments within this dramatic sculpture capture the varied textures and colours found within the geological rock formations that fascinate and inform Wendy’s work. 

It’s ‘broken’ edge draws attention to the fragility of our natural world and calls us to consider the tension between decay and regeneration - and the inherent beauty which emerges from erosion.


Angela Farquharson

A unique piece inspired by the statues of the ancient Roman gods. 

Cast in iron resin, the piece is heavily textured to create the sense of age, while the detail is typical of Angela’s fascination with the beauty of the female form, its seductive quality captured in the hands sculpted around the hips. 

Doppler Effect

Howard Lewis

Sculpted from locally sourced wood, this piece represents soundwaves and showcases Howard's natural understanding and spiritual connection with the wood, working with the natural grain to create this striking and unusual piece.

Dormant Beauty

Angela Farquharson

One of a series of three bronze works, this beautiful sculpture showcases the smooth, flowing lines and detail that Angela employs to depict the sensuality of the female form.

A figurative sculpture in the classic tradition, the piece captures the essence of the modern idiom with its power to draw the observer in.       


Angela Farquharson

Delight, bliss, elation - a sculpture beautifully capturing a sense of rapturous and sensuous delight - the fine detail and flowing lines typical of an Angela Farquharson sculpture.  


Angela Farquharson

One of a series of small scale sculptures depicting the female form, this piece is characteristic of Angela Farquharson’s work and her interest in classical figurative sculpture. The textile ‘detail’ is inspired by the shapes made as fabric drapes and folds across the body, creating new interest and sense of sensuality, enhanced by the natural unglazed porcelain finish.