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Juicy Spoon - orange

Chris Bird -Jones

This stunning spoon ‘sculpture' is from the  ‘Juicy Spoon Series’ - a series of colourful blown unique glass characters with cupped bowls and flowing handles. 


From cradle to grave the spoon is an often used tool, the strong relationship between our mouths, tastebuds and spoons is explored through this series of pieces. 


Available in 7 colours, it is shown here in a beautiful flame red. 


Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and is individually priced.  Please follow the link and complete the short enquiry form for pricing and delivery information.


Photo Credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd

Large Boxing Hares

Martin Duffy

This dramatic limited edition piece captures the  movement and balance typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture. 

The larger scale allows Martin to amplify the detail of his smaller pieces to recreate the tension, urgency and drama that lies behind this annual rite of passage.


Amelia Skachill - Burke

Amelia’s work is about taking tiny close-up details of the natural world, such as Lavander and reinterpreting them using hot glass to produce glass art. This piece is carefully constructed using hotglass murrine which Amelia has pulled in her hot glass studio then cutting them before building them up to create a large tile of murrine. The movement, colours and cellular structure of Lavander is the inspiration of this piece. 


This is a One-of-a-kind piece.


Photo Credit - Simon Bruntnell

Little Beggar

Martin Duffy

An unusual piece and a departure from Martin’s usual work, this quirky sculpture reflects his sense of fun while losing none of the detail and craftsmanship typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture.


Wendy Lawrence

Reminiscent of stone circles and historic obelisks, this piece reflects Wendy’s fascination with stone and its place in the landscape. The unusual colouring echoes the soft tones which emerge within stone as it reacts to the weathering of  time, the curving mark through the clay an additional focal point to draw the observer into the piece.

Mouse on Fork

Martin Duffy

This small but exquisite study of a mouse is typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture, showcasing his ability to draw us to the curiosity of the mouse as it explores a garden habitat, creating a physical as well as visual story within the piece.