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Duo Dodecade

Mary Ann Simmons

Duo Dodecade is created from two constructs made up of twelve sides joined to form a whole. At its intersection a deep geometric 'crevasse' is created.


Available for sale or commission.


Photo Credit: Juliet Sheath

Iris Box

Rebecca Oldfield

Miniature sterling silver box with chased lines creating an iris pattern.


Hallmarked at London Assay Office 

Mixed silver and wood boxes

Rebecca Oldfield
From £695.00

These exquisite boxes of silver and wood, have chased sliver lines that mirror the chosen wood grain. 

Silver Chased Whiskey Tumblers

Rebecca Oldfield

These whiskey timbers stand just 75mm high and are a classic example of beautiful design combining with functionality.

Sparkle Wood Box

Rebecca Oldfield

This beautiful wood box was created in collaboration with wood turner, Clio Anastasiou.


It has a sparkle textured silver lid, hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office.  

Constructed Teapot

Rebecca Oldfield

Highly polished silver with walnut wood insulators.


Hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office.

Water, always water

Beate Gegenwart

A unique panel encapsulating recurring themes within the artists work - fragility and water- her desire to see what is ‘behind’ and an urge to become finer and finer, thinner and thinner while exploring water as a constant  ‘present’ in her environment.


Photo Credits: Dewi Tannant Lloyd

Decorative Concepts: Charm Bracelet

Mari Thomas

This elegant bracelet is part of the beautiful Decorative Concepts Collection where handwritten design notes and drawings are 'hidden' within the metal folds of each cluster. Reflecting Mari's creative journey from initial concept through to final design, each note and reference captures the exploration and creativity behind the making of this strikingly beautiful collection. 


Only available in the UK.