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The Chloe Sweater

Suzanna James
From £450.00

A beautiful and ‘must have’ Suzanna James jumper designed to complement the qualities of this unique, traceable, organic Welsh Shetland wool sourced from Carmarthenshire.


A signature design from her ‘Adre’ collection, every Chloe jumper is knitted to order, taking up to three weeks to accommodate bespoke sizing and sleeve length, neckline and cable detail. 


Shown here in a natural ‘ecru’, other bespoke colours are available from the range of natural plant dyes Suzanna sources from Carmarthenshire. 


A traditional, yet timeless design, the Chloe jumper  embodies the values of slow, ethical and sustainable fashion at the heart of Suzanna James’ design and practice.

Running Hare

Martin Duffy

This dramatic sculpture showcases Martin’s ability to create  a sense of movement and story - where has the hare come from, from whom is it running: what is it chasing, while capturing the strength and power of the hare in full flight at any given moment. 

Little Beggar

Martin Duffy

An unusual piece and a departure from Martin’s usual work, this quirky sculpture reflects his sense of fun while losing none of the detail and craftsmanship typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture.

Nesting Harvest Mouse

Martin Duffy

This exquisitely observed study of a mouse in its natural habitat, showcases the meticulous attention to detail which characterises Martin’s work. 

One of a series of small animal sculptures, this piece demonstrates Martin’s skill in creating detailed, tactile pieces that invite the observer to touch as well as look.

Pouncing Fox Cub

Martin Duffy

In this naturalistic piece, Martin captures the stillness, poise and focus of the fox cub, showcasing his ability to create an energy and story behind the sculpture - that of the hunter and the hunted. 


Every detail is considered and beautifully observed - a hallmark of Martin’s work and his meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the sculpting process. 

Large Boxing Hares

Martin Duffy

This dramatic limited edition piece captures the  movement and balance typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture. 

The larger scale allows Martin to amplify the detail of his smaller pieces to recreate the tension, urgency and drama that lies behind this annual rite of passage.