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A Strategy for Pairings

Beate Gegenwart

A play on pairings - this piece contrasts a rich red interior with a black exterior surface.


This beautifully crafted bowl made from steel, vitreous enamel, sgraffito with abraded layers, was first showcased at Springfield USA.


If you would like to commission a similar piece from Beate Geggenwart , please enquire below.

Tidal Sands Beakers

Mary Ann Simmons

The wandering line stretching upwards on the beaker recreates the sand patterns we find on beach walks.


Priced individually but also available for sale or commission as a pair. 


Photo credit: Juliet Sheath

10:20 Faceted Vessel

Mary Ann Simmons

With this piece I took the two dimensional flat sheet and, using clean lines, facets, precision and containment as my inspiration, turned it into a three dimensional vessel.


Available for sale or commission.


Photo credit: Juliet SheathBritannia Silver

Ease In/Out Cubic

Mary Ann Simmons

A pair of vessels using a 'cubic' curve each the mirror of itself but contrasting in colour: one, an oxidised surface showing a rich, velvet black. The other a soft white exterior.


Available for sale or commission as a pair or individually: the price shown is for an individual piece.


Photo Credit: Richard Valencia

Duo Dodecade

Mary Ann Simmons

Duo Dodecade is created from two constructs made up of twelve sides joined to form a whole. At its intersection a deep geometric 'crevasse' is created.


Available for sale or commission.


Photo Credit: Juliet Sheath

Iris Box

Rebecca Oldfield

Miniature sterling silver box with chased lines creating an iris pattern.


Hallmarked at London Assay Office 

Mixed silver and wood boxes

Rebecca Oldfield
From £695.00

These exquisite boxes of silver and wood, have chased sliver lines that mirror the chosen wood grain. 

Silver Chased Whiskey Tumblers

Rebecca Oldfield

These whiskey timbers stand just 75mm high and are a classic example of beautiful design combining with functionality.