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Buff Tailed Bumblebee

Annette Marie Townsend

Etched and oxidised 0.9mm copper plate. 


Float mounted in a black box frame, without glass. 


Unique, hand made 


Care Instructions: 

The surface of the copper plate can be dusted gently with a soft microfibre cloth 



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Standing Form

Wendy Lawrence

This piece epitomises the simplicity of form and carved elements that are a signature of Wendy’s work and her fascination with geological formations.

Clay is carved to create the ‘natural’ folds on the surface of this piece, while the volcanic like texture is achieved by adding clay to a clay foundation and then carving into the clay surface. The natural look is amplified by adding several layers of glaze imbued with silicon carbide. 

In the reference to the ancient standing stones of our ancestors. Connecting us with the standing stone of the ancients Brown colour?

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces. 

Carved Disc - Ammonite

Wendy Lawrence

A detailed study in clay, inspired by the heavy millstones crafted from ancient stone and etched by the milling of grain.


Made by using a range of hand building techniques, the clay is carved to create copper ribbons of clay from one focal point. Multiple layers of glaze are then added to amplify its authentic stone character. 


The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Carved Standing Form

Wendy Lawrence

The many surface treatments within this dramatic sculpture capture the varied textures and colours found within the geological rock formations that fascinate and inform Wendy’s work. 

It’s ‘broken’ edge draws attention to the fragility of our natural world and calls us to consider the tension between decay and regeneration - and the inherent beauty which emerges from erosion.

Little Beggar

Martin Duffy

An unusual piece and a departure from Martin’s usual work, this quirky sculpture reflects his sense of fun while losing none of the detail and craftsmanship typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture.

Wavy Rim Ash Bowl

Howard Lewis

Rectangular ash wavy rim bowl, power carved adn sanded with an ebonies base. 

Finished with a thin wax oil.

Bubbles: Wide Bangle - Large

Mari Thomas

Exquisitely handcrafted in her Carmarthenshire studio, this beautiful bangle evokes times of celebrations past and to come.  This large bangle is  approx 7 cm in diameter