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White Bo Leaf

Catrin Jones

One of a series of sculptural works pairing antique flashed glass with weathered oak stumps retrieved from a Welsh hillside.  The fern, the birch and the bo all have strong spiritual meanings, and these pieces celebrate life and its vibrancy and the cyclicality of nature.  The glass is mouth-blown in France and Germany and has been acid-etched many times, in order to create the patterns and textures.  The glass has also been gilded, using silver and copper leaf applied by hand.  The oak is as found on the hillside but cleaned back.

Boxing Hares (Iron Resin)

Martin Duffy

A beautiful limited edition piece epitomising the movement and balance that Martin seeks to achieve in his sculptures. The attention to detail that hallmarks his work is critical here in establishing the relationship between the two hares - creating the sense of drama and  tension typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture.                                                                


At nearly a metre tall, the hares would be suitable for a large indoor space or an outdoor setting, as illustrated.


Angela Farquharson

Delight, bliss, elation - a sculpture beautifully capturing a sense of rapturous and sensuous delight - the fine detail and flowing lines typical of an Angela Farquharson sculpture.  


Angela Farquharson

A sculpture capturing the sense of holding something precious and fleeting lest it should be forgotten.

The Collector #3

Annette Marie Townsend

This life-size sculpture made from beeswax and paraffin wax is of a daisy plant with roots escaping from a small glass bottle and typical of Annette Marie Townsend's detailed and exquisite craftsmanship and her expertise in the tradition of Victorian wax sculpture.


The sculpture combines beeswax and paraffin wax with tinned copper wire, silk fabric, tissue paper, cotton thread, artists' pigments, acrylic paint and acrylic varnish to give added detail and authenticity and has a white wooden base with traditional glass dome.


The sculpture is 11.5 cm in height, 8.5cm wide and 8cm in depth.


Part of the ‘Collector’ Series of numbered works, influenced by museum collections, it is typical of Annette Marie Townsend's intricate and exquisite craftsmanship and her expertise in the tradition of Victorian wax sculpture.


Please note that the piece should be displayed out of direct sunlight and away from direct sources of heat.


Photo credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd

Constructed Teapot

Rebecca Oldfield

Highly polished silver with walnut wood insulators.


Hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office.

Pouncing Fox Cub (Bronze)

Martin Duffy

In this naturalistic piece, Martin captures the stillness, poise and focus of the fox cub, showcasing his ability to create an energy and story behind the sculpture - that of the hunter and the hunted. 


Every detail is considered and beautifully observed - a hallmark of Martin’s work and his meticulous attention to detail in every stage of the sculpting process. 

Silver Spoons

Chris Bird -Jones

These stunning spoons can be purchased individually or as the collection of seven. 


Each spoon is showcased in a bespoke stackable birch ply crate with interchangeable sliding panels in either tempered glass or birch ply (2x tempered glass & 2x birch ply) 20 x 90 x 30cm .

For pricing and delivery information please follow the link and complete the short enquiry form. 

Photo Credit: Dewi Tannatt Lloyd