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Waved Form

Wendy Lawrence

The intense greens within the surface texture amplify the multiple carvings of this unusual sculpture -one of a series of waved forms within this collection. 

  Inspired by the coastal rock formations near her home in North Wales, the piece bears the hallmarks of a Wendy Lawrence sculpture where the surface treatment becomes part of the form itself. 

The blisters and bubbles within the clay create a barnacled effect while the two tone colouring complements the simplicity of form. 

Mouse on Fork

Martin Duffy

This small but exquisite study of a mouse is typical of a Martin Duffy sculpture, showcasing his ability to draw us to the curiosity of the mouse as it explores a garden habitat, creating a physical as well as visual story within the piece.

Strata Form

Wendy Lawrence

This beautiful abstract sculpture inspired by the texture and form of rockface strata, showcases Wendy’s use of silicon carbide to create a surface texture that is part of the form itself. The carved surface exaggerates the natural erosion of the rock while the addition of oxides to the glaze creates this unusual colouring.


Carved Slab

Wendy Lawrence

As if hewn from the rock face, the colours in this carved slab echo those found in a shimmering rock face wet from a shower of rain. Copper and vanadium and titanium oxides create the unique combination of greens, pinks and browns in this unusual piece. Its natural organic look and feel is achieved through multiple glazing's containing silicon carbide, creating the   elemental, volcanic finish typical of a Wendy Lawrence sculpture.  

The works are high fired and are suitable for any interior or exterior spaces.

Waved Form

Wendy Lawrence

The gnarled effect and deceptive simplicity of this free standing piece captures the essence of the ancient forest, the wave form connecting us with something raw and fundamental.                                    

The blistered surface is coloured with copper oxide to exaggerate the carving and gouging, creating a piece that is at once contemporary and ancient.

Axon, Lime Green

Charlie Burke

Over the years of me working with hot molten glass, I have found that I have wanted to create work that exaggerates its liquid qualities but in its solid state. I often use colour to assist in this exaggeration of its form to help show the movement of the glass and the flowing qualities of the glass.


I feel in contrast to this, by also cutting and highly polishing the surface it displays the cold qualities of the glass too. My main subject matter follows brain patterns and thought functions. The electricity of thought and the transference of information between pathways in the brain is what inspires me to create movement using molten glass.